Name: Queen Victoria

Alive: 1819-1901

Bio: Born at Kensington Palace following a quick succession of royal deaths. Victoria’s mother and Sir John Conroy made it their duty to make Victoria as ready for the throne as possible, forcing her reliance on them both. However, their schemes had fostered a fierce independence in Victoria. 26 days after Victoria’s 18th birthday the King, William IV passed away from heart failure. So, at the age of 18, Victoria ascended the throne. Victoria’s reign lasted 63 years (the second longest of any other female British monarch in history after the current monarch, Elizabeth II). This reign saw a boom in cultural expansion with advances in industry, science, communications and even the building of the London Underground. She was succeeded by King Edward VII after her death.


“We are not interested in the possibilities of defeat; they do not exist.”

“Great events make me quiet and calm; it is only trifles that irritate my nerves.”

Popular Culture:

“The Young Victoria” – film, 2009

Further Reading:

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